Dryer Not Spinning and Broken Dryer Belts

Is your dryer heating, but the drum doesn’t turn? Can you hear the motor running? It sounds like you may have a broken dryer belt. Broken dryer belts are not uncommon to have happen. Just like the belt in your vehicle, they do wear out over time and can break. Fortunately, a broken dryer belt won’t leave you stranded by the side of the road. What will happen though is your clothes won’t dry nearly as well since they’re not tumbling around getting air blown through them. This leads to much longer drying times, multiple drying cycles needed and higher energy bills. BrokenBeltBig

Popping open the top of your dryer will usually get you to your answer on whether or not your belt is still good. If it’s hanging loose, completely missing(fallen to the bottom of the dryer) or obviously damaged, it’s time to replace your dryer belt. This is a relatively straight forward and simple task, but can be both time consuming, frustrating, not to mention potentially painful if you’re not familiar with the proper procedures. Dryers, like many appliances are full of sharp metal edges and many places to snag your clothes or body on, so be careful.

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